Journal Setting Instruction

This page will explain the basic journal settings information.

Basic Information

Please follow the instructions on the page to select the basic information, including:

  • Journal name

  • Description of the journal

  • Grade

  • Number of users (the default is 30 people, it is recommended to add about 5-10 users more than the actual class size)

  • Label color

  • Pronunciation

Mistakes can be modified later.

Picture 1. Journal Basic Information

Expiration Date Setting

The default journal setting is unlimited, meaning that it has no expiration date. However, you can adjust the expiration date accordingly. For example within a semester.

If you want to set a period of use, the default time is one year after the journal is created. Please remember to change it to the desired end time.

Picture 2. Setting journal expiration date

If you want to change the expiration date of a created journal, go to the journal book list page and find the journal book you want. Click it and go to journal setting-edit this journal.

Once you are in the edit page, you are able to modify the basic information of the journal, including the expiration date.

More information about expiration date setting, please refer to Modify Journal Setting-Expiration Date Setting.

Submission Setting

The platform provides two ways students can submit their journals. The two options are auto-submit and when a student completes and clicks Share. It is recommended to use the auto-submit option. This allows all journals to automatically be submitted to and visible by the teacher. Students do not need to remember to submit the journal themselves.

Picture 3. Journal submission settings

Notification Setting

Teachers can set whether to accept notifications from the system and choose the notification time they want. There are three types of system notification:

  • When a student submits a journal

  • When a student's report on emotions is generated

  • When content includes words related to pornography, violence, or profanity.

When a student submits a journal, you can select Notify now or other time options. You can select one of the four options. If you want to turn off notifications you can uncheck the box.

Picture 4. Journal notification settings

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