Student Join Codes

This page will introduce how to have students join the class journal once it's created.

Get the Join Code

After the journal is created, the code will be displayed as shown in Picture 1

Picture 1. Generated journal code

The teacher can access the journal code by clicking the journal they want to share with students in the My Journal list. The journal code will be displayed on the right side of the basic information column of the journal, as shown in Picture 2 below.

Picture 2. Click the journal you want to share with students in My Journal list to see the join code

The code is valid for two weeks. If additional students need to join the same journal after the expiration date a new join code will need to be generated. To do this, simply click the orange Generate invite code button and a new code will be created. Share this code with the new students. Students already connected to the journal will not need to join again with the new code. Although the code is new, it will still link to the same journal.

Picture 3. The code generation button

Unregistered Student

If a student has not registered yet they will be able to fill in the journal code when prompted during the registration process. After the registration is completed, the system will directly share their journal submissions to the teacher dashboard so you can view them. (For more detail you can go to Manga-Mood Journal –– How to Register.)

Registered Student

If a student has already registered an account on MangaChat – Mood Journal, then they can click Add Journal on the homepage and input the journal code to join the class journal. (For more details you can go to Manga-Mood Journal –– Create Journal.)

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