Interface Introduction

Introduction inside the platform and available functions after you log in.

Studio Page

After you login, you will see the studio page as pictured below.

Picture 1. The studio page

List of My Journals

My Journals represent the journals you personally have created. Journal names will be displayed correspondingly under each Journal icon.

Picture 2. My Journals

List of Journals I Have Joined

The Journals I have joined represents the journals you have permission to view. Journal names will be displayed correspondingly under each Journal icon.

The sharing function allows users to share Class Journals with other teachers. The inviter must provide the invitee with the Journal code. The invitee needs to input the code to obtain viewing permission.

Picture 3. List of journals I have joined

What condition will you use this function in?

This function can be used to share the content of student journals with other teachers for the purpose of understanding the students’ emotional states.

An example of this is when a counselor wants to check a student’s emotional status from a journal that the student submitted to another teacher. This function can be used to invite other teachers or counselors who are responsible for the well-being of the students to view the student journals.

View Content of the Journal

If you want to see the content of the journal – comic stories that were written by the students, please click the Journal icon.

Picture 4. Click the Journal icon to see students' comic stories

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