Review the Content of Student Journals

This page will introduce how to view the content of the journal – comic stories submitted by students.

Journal Main Page

Picture 1. The main back-end view of the journal.

New Messages

This list will be displayed based on the time the students submitted their comic stories. You can sort them by date from oldest to newest or newest to oldest.

Student List

This page will list all the students who have joined the journal. Please refer to Access Student Profile to learn more about the function.

Picture 2. List of Students


For a list of students you are concerned about, please refer to Follow-Up for more detail.

Picture 3. List of students you are concerned about.


Picture 4. List of student journals you have saved

Picture4 is a list of student journals – comic stories you have saved. For more detail, please refer to Collection of Student Journals.

Journal View

You can view the submitted journal under New Messages. Under student comic stories, the gray underline represents the students’ emotions and reaction when they created it. Teachers can use this to understand the current mood of their students.


Please refer to the Comment Student Journal. You can start typing in the comment field and click Comment to reply to your students.

The function menu is in the upper-right corner of each journal. Click to expand it. The available functions include: Browse, Add to Follow-up, and Add to Collection.

Picture 5. Click to expand the function menu

Download video file here

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