Student Forgotten Password

When a student forgets their password, the teacher can assist in sending an identity verification link. Please refer to the instructions on this page.

When a student forgets their password, in addition to resetting via email and entering the identity verification test from the username, the Teacher Dashboard is also designed to allow teachers to send a link for identity verification to their students.

The letter sent by the teacher is not a password reset link, but a link to an identity verification test to ensure student privacy.

For detailed authentication test instructions please refer to MangaChat Mood Journal – Forget Password – ID Authentication Test

After entering the student page, please click the button to send a validation link to their mailbox. Students need to follow the instructions and use the link to enter the test. After completing the test, he/she can reset the password.

Picture 1. Click Send the user a validation link and input the student's email address. Click Send.

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